It’s not difficult to get arrested for DUI – driving under the influence – in this state. In 2018, more than 19,000 people were convicted of DUI in Virginia. But if it’s your first time getting a driving under the influence conviction, it’s understandable that you might be unsure of what’s to happen. You may be wondering how long your DUI stays on your record.

When operating a motor vehicle, boat or watercraft in Virginia, you are legally considered driving or operating under the influence if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 percent or higher. A DUI arrest can lead to a conviction, a criminal record, stiff fines, a lengthy probation term, and even jail time. A DUI charge will stay on your record indefinitely, as law enforcement and insurance companies will want to know your driving record moving forward so they can determine if you’re a danger to others on the road.

In Virginia, a DUI will stay on your record forever. If you apply for a job, they will know about your DUI if they do a criminal background check. Law enforcement officials will see the DUI on your criminal record every time you get pulled over on the side of the road. Even if you try to adopt a child or volunteer for certain organizations, you may be barred due to your criminal record.

Can I Get A DUI Expunged From My Record In Virginia?

Many states offer programs or initiatives where an individual convicted of driving under the influence can get their criminal record expunged. This includes your DMV record as well, which will also contain detailed information about your DUI. However, in Virginia, these initiatives don’t exist. You cannot get a DUI expunged from your criminal record in Virginia.
Since you cannot get a DUI expunged from your criminal record in Virginia, the only way to to remove a DUI from your record is to be proven innocent, or if you were wrongfully accused of the act.

How Can I Fight A DUI Charge In Virginia?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Virginia, you need to act fast. Get a lawyer immediately. You do not want to fight back against this type of charge all on your own. The state of Virginia is notoriously tough on those who are caught driving under the influence. It’s a serious criminal offense in this state, and it’s imperative that you have strong, diligent criminal defense representation on your side.

Your criminal defense attorney can assess the details of your case and try to determine if there is any way your charges can be dropped or reduced. In some cases, law enforcement officers unlawfully pull over unsuspecting drivers, and then charge them with a DUI. If there is any issue with the way that the law enforcement officer obtained your blood alcohol content or pulled you over, your lawyer will defend you in court and assert that your charges be dropped or reduced.

Similarly, if you have no criminal record or have never been charged with a DUI, your lawyer may attempt to prove before a judge that you deserve to have your charges dropped or reduced. You may be able to have a lesser penalty, but only if you team up with a tough lawyer right away.

Under United States law, there’s no law that demands you must hire a lawyer. You can even try to defend yourself in court. However, you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t team up with an attorney who understands the full scope of Virginia state law, and who has experience defending Virginia drivers in a situation just like you.

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If you have been charged with a DUI in Virginia, it will be on your criminal record forever. Virginia criminal defense attorney Scott C. Nolan, PLLC understands how scary this can be. Having a permanent change on your record forever can affect so many opportunities later in life. Don’t run the risk of missing out on life because of a DUI charge, and hire a hardworking, tough criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Schedule a free, no-risk consultation with The Law Office of Scott C. Nolan, PLLC as soon as you have been charged with driving under the influence. Your initial case evaluation costs nothing and comes at no obligation. With his representation and diligence, you may be able to have your DUI charges reduced or dropped, which could change the outcome of your life forever.